Cyndie's Happy Pet Sitters, LLC
Loving care when you can't be there.

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Providing customized professional in-home care for pets in  Newton, Rockdale and Henry counties since 2005. The zip codes we serve include 30012, 30013, 30094, 30014, 30016, 30054, 30070, and 30252. We consider it a privilege to care for your pets while you are away and offer personalized care for all your pets needs while providing you with peace of mind while you are away.  

A “meet and greet” visit that lasts about 45 minutes to determine if we are the right fit for your pets needs. At this visit we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.  This required meeting will be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to service.

PET SIT VISIT     starting at $18 per day
This visit lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes and is intended for when you are going to be away overnight or longer (Each Visit Includes) 

For Your Pets:   
                                                                         For the Home:
* Individualized meals                                                                * Mail and newspaper collection
* Favorite treats                                                                          * Household plant watering
* Fresh drinking water                                                               * Lights turned on and off
* Washing food and water dishes                                              (The following upon request)
* Cleaning of litter, cages, and/or dog areas                            * Closing and opening of blinds
* Dispensing of prescribed medication                                     * Turning on and off TV or radio   
LOTS of love, affection, and playtime                                  * Taking out the trash

*NEW* OVERNIGHT VISIT:     $80 per night 
Our sitter stays overnight in your home with your pets. An excellent choice for pets with anxiety or health issues that may need extra attention. There is a VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY for this service so plan and call ahead if you are interested in this special service. 

    Starting at $17 per day 
This is intended for those who have long hours away from home and want to make sure their pets don't get lonely or bored while they are out.

Includes a 20 to 25 minute walk or playtime for your pet.
This can be great for both adult pets and for those that are potty training or for those requiring medications on a set schedule.

EXTENDED VISIT:     Starting at $10 per additional 15 mins. added on to a pet sit or mid-day visit

PET TRANSPORTATION:  Starts at $18 per 1/2 hour plus mileage to complete transportation of your pet.

HOUSE CHECK (does not include pet care):
$16 per visit
This is a service to provide you a further sense of security when you are away and able to take your pets with you. It includes:
* Mail and newspaper collection
* Household plant watering
* Lights turned on and off
* Closing and opening of blinds
(and the following upon request)
* Turning on and off TV or radio
* Taking out the trash
* Filling bird feeders